‘Glut (ii)’, 2018







A new set of the piece ‘Glut (ii)’ has been added to Walcott Street.
If you find yourself in this alley way, make sure to tag us!

Found and recycled materials: naturally dyed cotton, silk & linen using avocado pits, sponges, twine, copper wire, wax

Ironically, these beautiful entrails were made to resemble guts, perhaps the ones of animals. They could also be a metaphor for the atrocities done to animals in slaughterhouses that will eventually end up on the plates of millions of people.
Animal agriculture is not only an animal welfare issue, but according to Cowspiracy facts, animal agriculture is ‘responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation’. This has devastating effects on our planet. ‘Glut (ii)’, according to the artist, ‘relates to issues of waste, our relationship with matter, nature, and ourselves.’ @fionacampbellartist is particularly concerned with ‘factory-farming methods and animal welfare.  Animals are treated as commodities, over-crammed and over-produced.’ This results in a ‘labour-intensive process’, combined with the use of recycled materials, which are equally important elements to the understanding of her work.


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